Areas for improvement included: the need to develop a more vibrant youth group ministry, inclusion of children in the Liturgy of the Word, and the need to increase opportunities for adult education.

Goal I: Implement a faith formation program that meets the needs of all parishioners.

1. Expand the current Symbolon program to include both worship sites by September 2017 and include afternoon sessions.

2. Continue the current faith sharing evening program at St. Joachim and expand to an afternoon session at St. Mary of the Assumption during the Advent and Lenten seasons of 2017.

3. Develop teams to strengthen RCIA instruction at both worship sites by the end of 2017.

4. Create an annual church calendar that lists the liturgical services and all church activities before December 15, 2016.

Goal II: Evangelize neighboring communities.

1. Publish information about church activities in local newspapers starting in January 2017.

2. Provide a “donations accepted” meal once each year at both worship sites and include church literature on tables in the dining area by the end of 2017. 3. Attend public events where church activities can be publicized. Two places we can do this in 2017 are “Founder’s Day” in Tunkhannock and the “Beef ‘n More” stand at the Wyoming County Fair.

4. Contact employers of Spanish speaking workers to raise awareness of our locations and liturgical services offered by the end of 2017. 5. Consider making literature such as “A Minute in the Church” available in our churches or scheduling a speaker once or twice a year by Fall 2017.