Health Safety Precautions


The cold and flu season is upon us and in the news we also hear of a current flu epidemic in Pennsylvania alone. Also we have received directives and guidelines from the Diocese of Scranton. Therefore for everyone’s health safety reasons:

The distribution of the Blood of Christ is suspended effective immediately until the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday. Church teaching states that Christ, whole and entire, is received under either form of Holy Communion.    

Also, if asked to assist in the distribution of the Body of Christ, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are instructed to insure that they wash their hands with soap and water before Mass and even use a hand sanitizer if possible. Do not touch your eyes or your mouth.  When distributing the Body of Christ you are instructed to try to avoid touching the tongue or the hands of the communicant.

Parishioners are urged but not required to consider receiving the Body of Christ in the hand instead of on the tongue.

Additionally parishioners are urged to use alternative methods to express the Sign of Peace rather than a hand shake. i.e.( a nod, hand gesture, verbal expression etc.)

Parishioners are reminded that If they are sick, especially with flu-like symptoms, they should stay home for their own well-being and that of others.  If parishioners are sick or suspect they are sick with a contagious illness, they are not bound by the Sunday Mass obligation