FORMED The Catholic Faith on Demand

The Ministry of Mercy is pleased to announce accessibility to a wonderful online resources called FORMED.  FORMED is an online resource that helps you learn and enjoy your faith every day by offering different digital formats for you to Study, Watch, Listen, and Read.  There are several video series for Bible study, movies, podcasts, and a virtual library of ebooks.  There are also resources in Spanish and for children.

FORMED is accessible on a personal computer, tablet, or as an app on any smart phone.  Signing up is free, but you must have an email account.  Go the website: or search for See bulletin for Sunday Sept. 8th

or call the parish office for the Code you need to enter in the Get Started section.  Informational fliers have been placed in St. Mary’s and in the education building at St. Joachim’s.  Yellow cards with the FORMED website login information and parish code are posted with the fliers.  Please take one home with you!

Bible Study will begin the evening of Monday, September 9 at the St. Mary’s parish office.  We will be studying the Gospel of Mark utilizing the FORMED study guide.  Going to miss a Bible study class or unable to attend Bible study in person? Follow along on the FORMED website under the Study section: Lectio Mark!  There are 14 video sessions that run only about 30 minutes each about St. Mark the Evangelist.

This free gift to the Parish has been made available by the Ministry of Mercy who would like to thank Father Peter for supporting and encouraging this new resource!  If you have any questions or have any feedback, please contact Robyn Kennedy through the Parish office.